It’s all about the connection

In matters concerning connecting plastics, we ensure durability and quality. Plastics welding, metal-plastics connections and plastics processing are our specialty; therefore, we offer our customers a highly-differentiated selection of procedures for connecting all thermoplastic materials, and for creating thermoplastic-metal connections.

We cover the entire range of welding processes, and also offer all advisory and other services.

Alongside traditional and tried-and-tested joining methods, such as hot-plate welding and rotary friction welding, we offer other alternatives, such as infrared welding, as well as procedures for the subsequent embedding of metallic components, and inserts with an O-ring, such as electromagnetic-resistance welding or hot riveting. We are experts in hot-gas welding, ultrasound welding, warm-gas welding, mirror welding and induction welding.

Our patented hot-gas welding guarantees our customers a high level of quality and functional reliability, thanks to a particularly thin weld with high strength, which achieves better quality, in relation to the burst pressure, than all conventionally manufactured weldings. Welding in a way that is particle-free and, therefore, free from residual dirt, is our main passion. In everything we do, we work as a team of experienced experts that are “on the ball” with passion and innovative spirit. Our many years of research and experience also flow into our solutions, as do our innovative approaches, combined with the latest discoveries.

However, the most important thing is: we are a team who stand together and work hand in hand. Therefore, we provide everything, from the first advice, to delivery and assemble of the complete solution, and further advice, all under one roof. Our customers’ requirements are as multifaceted and differentiated as today’s market conditions. Therefore, we always work in the closest cooperation with our customers, because satisfied customers are our incentive and our inspiration.