We connect plastics

Changing market conditions in all branches of industry continually require new and creative solutions; this also applies to technical connection tasks. Therefore, at KVT Bielefeld, since 1981, we have worked successfully and with commitment on innovative and intelligent procedures and products for the future.

Our many years of research and experience also flow into our solutions, as do our innovative approaches and the latest scientific and technological discoveries. We offer you the option of choosing which of a high number of services and procedures are optimal for you.

In this, we work both with traditional methods and also with the latest, patented and innovative procedures. Our expertise and commitment, enable us to produce complex modules and special machines.

The number of our experienced employees has grown continually since we were founded. We have consciously avoided limits to procedures, so that today we have great competence in applications technology in the individual departments.

The wishes and requirements of our numerous customers have always been the driving force behind our innovation, expansion and diversification. In this, we strive for individual solutions – for a long-term, trusting cooperation with our customers and business partners.

Because there is one thing that we know very well: satisfied customers are the best reference.