KVT Bielefeld, a manufacturer of plastic welding machines, announces that it is joining Dukane Corporation, which is headquartered in Chicago.


On December 1, 2017, KVT Bielefeld formalized its forward-looking merger by signing a contract with the owner-led American Dukane Corporation. Since 1922, Dukane Corporation has been a diverse, globally active manufacturer and provider of high-tech products in the industry. Dukane’s headquarter is in St. Charles, a suburb to the west of Chicago, Illinois. The company has locations in the U.S., Mexico, China, and other important industrial areas of the world.


Dirk Kortmann, CEO of KVT Bielefeld, explains, “This decision for a merger offers amazing synergy effects, both for us and for our partner Dukane. In association with one another, we can offer new plastic welding processes to our existing customers. We give Dukane a foothold in the European market.”

For KVT Bielefeld, which has shown continued strong growth since 2005, further doors have been opened through this step that brings about its own expansion while allowing it to retain full freedom of action and all on-site competencies. CEO Peter Maresch, says, “For our employees and customers, there will now be new opportunities and many improvements. For example, we are planning training for our partner in order to benefit from the global service bases’ spectrum of services. With our expertise and Dukane’s top-class technical development, we will show that a good concept will work anywhere in the world. We consider this decision to be absolutely a win-win-win situation: for our customers, Dukane, and KVT.”



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KVT Bielefeld, founded in 1981, is dedicated to manufacturing tools and machines for welding thermoplastics. For every request, KVT Bielefeld delivers the most suitable welding procedure, the necessary expertise, and individually adapted tools. The international customers come from the automotive industry, medical technology, packaging technology, consumer electronics, household goods production, and food processing.